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Winter Sleep Tips from your Southport Bed Shops

With the rotten weather of late, it is safe to say that the cold snap is definitely starting to creep in. Don’t let cold, damp or frosty weather get you down in the dumps this winter.  A great night’s sleep is a winter wonder cure, improving your health, mood, creativity, curbing hunger and generally improving many aspects of day to day life.

With this in mind, Bold Street Beds, the go to showroom for anyone seeking a bed store in Lytham as well as for those browsing Blackpool bed shops have compiled five top tips to make sure you maintain a solid level of super sleep in the colder weather. To sleep comfortably through the winter weeks, keep in mind these five tips from your Southport bed shops.

Curb caffeine intake

Although a steaming hot cuppa or a comforting hot chocolate is the ultimate winter temptation, try to limit these treats, and definitely don’t consume caffeine after your evening meal. Instead, opt for a warm glass of milk or water. Alternatively, pick up special packs of night time herbal tea to help sooth you off to sleep.

Don’t overheat

This point may seem a little counter intuitive at first. But, although it may be tempting to crank up the heating at night time, this can actually have a negative impact on our bodies, which need to decrease in temperature as we fall asleep. We naturally adjust our body temperature to match that of the room. Try to keep your bedroom around a cool 18-22. Anything else will leave you hot, stuffy and will ultimately have the reverse effect of what you originally intended.For more information on our range of cooling temperature-control latex mattresses and pillows, call into our Preston bed shop to ask our experts. We are superbly situated for those looking for Southport bed shops or even a bed store in Lytham. 


Keep an eye on your diet

Naturally hot stews, pies and potatoes are a brilliant winter comfort food. Although these types of meals are the ultimate winter warmers – make sure you keep an eye on the time and don’t let the drawn out winter nights confuse your body clock. Such dishes need to be avoided close to bed time, as they will dramatically decrease your quality of sleep as your body wakes up to digest food. 


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Resist the temptation to huddle inside with your hot drinks, hot food and blankets. Exercise greatly improves your quality of sleep, even if you only manage to get outside for a brisk 20 minute stroll, this will stave off feeling groggy and lacklustre in the morning. Getting out and about will also minimise your temptation to nap under your blanket fort. Steering clear of this weekend hibernation will keep your body clock regulated, making it easier for you to sleep better during the working week. 

Bold Street beds are situated in Preston, offering delivery across the North West. Perfect if you are looking for a Southport bed shops or bed shops Lytham wide. We offer free next delivery to anywhere within thirty miles of our bed shop. So whether you’re looking for beds in garstang or mattreses in Blackpool from Blackpool bed shops, or even a bed store in Lytham, Bold Street Beds are you’re one stop shop for a great night’s sleep!