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Wind Down This Week With Advice From Your Lancashire Bed Shop

Our 21st Century lifestyles are undoubtedly becoming more fast-paced and full of stimulation - from tellies, to smart phones and laptops taking up our valuable rest time. From the moment we wake up and make a bleary eyed grab for our smart phones to finishing off late night spreadsheets on our laptops, life can be non-stop. Using our bed in conjunction with these devices can great impede our ability to relax and unwind, ultimately causing longterm sleep and health problems as well as entrenching bad bedtime habits!

Sitting at our computers or watching TV in bed late into the evening means it can sometimes be difficult to switch of and wind down - it's no wonder that over half of the UK population report having touble sleeping, getting much less than the required 8 hours!

For national bed month we are highlighting the impotance of sleep and the changes you can make to turn your sleep-deprived frown into a refreshed, revitalised smile!

Try implementing the following changes this weekend and see if you can improve your sleeping habits and environment ready for the week ahead!

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se, the above tips will be redundant if you're old beds and lifeless mattresses are causing are preventing you from catching those precious Zzz's night after night!

If you are looking to swap stiff, uncomfortably springs for a spritely new model to improve your sleep habits, we sell a range of mattresses and pillows in an array of firmness ratings - ensuring we truly have products for all. Better still, we have free next day delivery available to all addresses within 30 miles of our Blackburn bed showroom. So if you're tired of trundling around bed shops Manchester wide, sit back, relax and click through our fantastic online emporium packed with the perfect sleep products all arranged by type, firmness, size, or just simply peruse our best selllers - we're dedicated to helping you find the perfect sleeping companion for you!