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Wind Down Before Bedtime

After a long day of being at work or having to stay home and look after the children there is nothing that we look forward to more than actually going to bed. However, it may seem obvious to some but in order to sleep properly our homes need to be tranquil and at peace.

Coming in from work, having tea, putting the kids in the bath, putting the kids in bed and other various tasks is all well and good as we need these out the way before we can get into bed but we need to ensure that in between doing all this we actually reserve allocated time in order to effectively wind down.

It is this wind down time when the body and mind are able to relax without having to think about what the plan is for tomorrow, what is for dinner, what time you need to pick the kids up and other thought processes that may well go through your mind.  Instead this is the perfect time for you to wind down – take the time out for yourself.

Ensuring that both parents and children get this wind down time before settling down on their mattress for the night is crucial for ensuring that they get enough shut eye to function and be able to action all their thought processes.

Children generally go to bed earlier than their parents so let them have their fifteen minute wind down time and then when they are in their children’s bed it is your turn to have your relaxing time before you head off to bed.

Boldstreet Beds have a number of children’s beds in stock and if you involve children in their bedroom design and in choosing a bed and mattress then they are happier to sleep in it making bedtime routines run smoothly.

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