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What is Latex and How is it Used in Mattresses?

Latex is in fact a milky white liquid which is composed of rubber particles which are dispersed into water. This liquid is then whipped with air to form foam which can then be heated and forms the latex material. Latex is becoming more widely used for mattresses and we have seen these being shown off at industry trade shows.

For people with medical conditions who suffer from allergies as well as muscle and joint pain then latex mattresses could be for them as they possess the following highly sought after qualities:

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Dust-Mite Resistant
  • Breathable

In regards to a latex mattress the latex is used as a topper in the more traditional innerspring mattresses and then you also see it being used to replace innersprings as the mattresses core. They are being portrayed as the “green” mattress option which has been made from natural ingredients which are sustainable.

Whilst there are other “green” mattresses on the market made from organic wool and for example organic cotton none of these possess the elastic and bouncy qualities which a latex mattress would offer.

When purchasing a latex mattress you need to ensure you go to a professional like us here at Boldstreet Beds. Unfortunately not all latex mattresses which have the label “latex mattress” are in fact made from the natural latex! Instead it is made from synthetic latex which is usually a mix of petrochemicals, synthetic and natural latex which can be branded as a blend of latex.

Although synthetic latex and natural latex which is made from the sap found deep within the roots of a rubber tree plant may look the same underneath the microscope in real life they feel different, have different levels of durability and do not possess the same qualities.

Boldstreet Beds have a full range of latex mattresses which are also viewable in our showrooms. Come and speak to our friendly team about them today and why not try one out to see what all the fuss is about? You may well be pleasantly surprised!

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