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What is a sprung base?

There is a lot of talk about what bed base you should purchase from sprung base to solid base to even Divans. But one of the main questions we are asked is what actually is a sprung base? Boldstreet Beds explain...

A sprung base is in effect a base that has springs covering the whole footprint of it from top to bottom and from side to side. These springs found within a sprung base provide a softer option to the solid bases. Usually a sprung base will consist of a hard wooden skeletal frame with a hard board on the top.

From this hard board the springs are then placed in layers so that they cover the whole footprint and then this can be covered in a quilted material providing the comfort. Many people prefer these to the solid bases as they are slightly softer.

Why not come to one of our showrooms? We have a number of highly experienced staff members on our friendly team who will be able to show you the various different base options which are available and talk you through each one.

Leave your embarrassment at the door and come and try them out for yourself; you may think that you have your mind set on one type of base but when you come to try it you may change your mind.

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