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What Fillings Are Put Inside Mattresses?

Although some mattresses may well look extremely similar from the outside it is so easy to notice the differences when they are made noticeable. One of the common questions we get asked by customers in our showrooms about a mattress is what is actually inside it?

Boldstreet Beds are on hand to explain; essentially there are two main types of mattresses, those with springs and those without springs concerning mattress construction. We delve inside their interiors though to tell you exactly what they are filled with.

Sprung interior mattresses use a wide variety of fillings in order to create a number of required qualities and features. Dependent on what fillings are used within the mattress will determine the price of the mattress. All fillings are specially chosen because of their ability to be able to absorb body moisture; in addition to this they are chosen because they are durable, flexible and comfortable for the user.

Within cheaper mattresses you may find that they compact the fillings into a pad and this after prolonged use can become extremely uncomfortable. In the more expensive mattresses layers of loose fillings are used and there are more of them with is often preferred by the customer in order to create that luxurious feel.

Different mattress fillings have different functions:

  • Cotton: This is used close to the mattress surface this is a natural fabric which has the ability to breathe whilst absorbing moisture. In addition to this it has a soft feel upon touch and is fairly easy to clean.
  • Wool: This is used in order to create a luxurious feel to the mattress. Mattresses have a need to be fire retardant and wool has good fire retardant properties due to it being a naturally resilient fibre.
  • Foam: There are a whole range of foams which are available and these are used in different ways. They create a cushioning feel to the mattress and fall into the categories of latex, polyurethane and visco-elastic.
  • Polyester: This is a synthetic material which is extremely good at recovering from use. Although it isn’t all that breathable it is an important aspect in the manufacturing of mattresses.
  • Coir Fibre Pads: These are actually becoming more and more popular as people try to go natural. It is made from coconut fibre and are generally used near to the spring to provide a layer of protection. It prevents the springs from being felt by the user or by penetrating the through.
  • Silk, Cashmere, Mohair & Hair: These are described as natural fillings and are often found in the more expensive mattresses. They provide added luxury although this isn’t always the case as it depends on the user.

One important point to bear in mind is that over time and usage the mattress fillings will become compressed and flat although this is normal and the mattress will go to your body shape. A mattress that you can turn regularly will help even out the settlement and give you a more even sleeping surface for longer.

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