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What are the typical UK Bed Sizes?

Size is an important factor when selecting a bed; you do not want a bed which you struggle to fit in but neither do you want an oversized bed which takes over your whole room leaving you no space. You need to find a balance between the two unless of course you have bags of room! When customers visit our showrooms we often get asked what the typical UK bed sizes are.

For couples we advise that you should be able to lie side by side with your arms above your head, elbows out and not be touching. This is a comfortable amount of space for you both; obviously you need to check dimensions, access and after sales services as well.

Table 1 showing: Typical UK Bed Sizes


Imperial Size*

Metric Size*

Small Single

2’ 6” X 6’ 3”

75 X 190cm


3’ X 6’ 3”

90 X 190cm

Small Double

4’ X 6’ 3”

120 X 190cm


4’ 6” X 6’ 3”

135 X 190cm


5’ X 6’ 6”

150 X 200cm

Super King

6’ X 6’ 6”

180 X 200cm

*N.B. Metric and imperial dimensions are not exact equivalents

It is important to note that although these are the standardised bed sizes, one King Size may be slightly different to another King Size. They are just there as guidelines so check with the supplier about the individual bed and mattress sizes.

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