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We're Celebrating National Bed Month!

Here at Prestige, we are bidding a fond farewell to February and welcoming March with open arms! Not just for the brighter mornings and the onset of Spring, nor for those special days in which we hail our Mums, chocolate eggs and the Irish – This March we invite everyone to join us in celebrating The Sleep Council's National Bed Month!

We have lots of exciting things in store for you, including a super special celebratory giveaway over on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as in store offers and exclusive online discounts!

Make sure you keep up with all the action over on our Facebook and Twitter, where we’ll be offering sleep tips and advice to help you get a good night’s kip, as well as providing facts and figures on how old beds and mattresses can have a negative impact on your quality of sleep and overall health. With all this and much more going down at Prestige towers, National Bed Month makes March the perfect time to swap old for new!

A survey conducted by The Sleep Council as part of National Bed Month found that close to half of us are only getting a measly 6 hours of sleep or less a night, with four fifths of everyone surveyed reporting occurrences of ‘toxic sleep’ i.e. sleep that leaves us feeling groggy and unrefreshed when we wake. That’s nearly half the population suffering from significant sleep deprivation!

Furthermore, 82% of back pain specialists maintain that old, saggy, unsupportive mattresses are one of the main reasons for aches and pains, not to mention causing a significantly poor quality of sleep. “People simply do not seem to make the connection between lack of sleep and the state of their bed” said Professor Chris Idzikowski of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service and Edinburgh Sleep Centre, but a new bed or mattress can drastically improve sleep quality, back and neck pains - providing overall spinal support and greatly benefiting all aspects of day to day life.

National Bed Month is running throughout the whole of March, raising awareness of mattress deterioration and the importance of regular bed replacement in terms of sleep benefits and overall health.

We spend around a third of our live in bed – make sure that time spent is as enjoyable as possible. Say yes to National Bed Month and invest in your rest!

Say Yes To A New Bed This Bed Month