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Top Tips for Those Struggling to Sleep

Many of our customers come into Boldstreet Beds looking for a new mattress because they are struggling to sleep. They want to know why they are not getting a good night’s sleep as they should. Boldstreet Beds top tips point out some of the reasons why.

One of the main reasons is probably down to a person’s lifestyle. There are a number of factors which affect this such as nutrition and exercise which are important for sleep. Eating too much before bedtime, not getting enough exercise and eating the wrong things can have a huge impact.

Think about the foundation for your sleep – your bed! This is where we sleep the best and therefore it is important that we are comfortable within our beds. If you get wake up in the morning and you are suffering from aches, pains, stiffness and irritations then you need to consider whether or not your bed is the problem.

If it is the problem then come to Boldstreet Beds as we have a wide range on show in our showroom as well as more in stock. If you are not sure what it is you are looking for then come in and speak to our team and we will listen to you carefully and advise you about the best available options. Alternatively you can order a new bed online if you know what it is you are looking for using our find a bed search.

Another reason which may be confusing is that sometimes you feel your sleep is okay but you do not feel refreshed could be because of dust mites. These are tiny micro-organisms which make people cringe and go squeamish at the thought of! Unfortunately dust mites could be the reason for non-refreshing sleep as their waste contains allergens. Problems such as asthma can be caused by dust mites and so although you get a good night sleep it may be hindered.

Pillows and duvets are yet another reason as to why you are struggling to sleep. Over time they can become unsupportive and can “sag” which results in an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Duvets also can present problems if they haven’t been changed in a while because of all the allergens which build up in them.

Do you snore?

If you snore then believe it or not this can actually cause sleep apnoea which is where you stop breathing momentarily and this is a common cause of disturbed and refreshing sleep. But it isn’t just snoring in addition to snoring some people experience extremely disturbing nightmares or choking sensations which are caused by stomach reflex whereby acid fluid is brought up into the throat. Raising the head above the bed a few inches using say pillows can be a great way of solving this problem.

The final reason could simply be because of your mattress; ideally you should change this every 7 years depending upon usage. If a mattress is no longer supplying sufficient support then unfortunately sleep could be disturbed. One of the ways around this is to head to Boldstreet Beds and talk to our friendly staff in order to select a mattress which is most suitable for your needs and requirements.

For more information then please contact us on 01254 681082 or email info@­boldstreetbeds.­co.­uk.