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To nap or not to nap? Retailer of Harrison in Preston, Bold Street Beds, gives you the low down

Summer is the season of the siesta! There are arguments both for and against taking a peaceful nap to revive you for the afternoon – many people in warmer countries swear by this ancient practice – but is it something you need to incorporate into your lifestyle? The definitive answer is… maybe.

There is an art to napping, and if you do it right, it can keep you well rested and restored and become a healthy habit! We have consolidated the best tips to get the most from your twenty winks!

The most important factor involved in a quality nap is the timing – you want to power up instead of shut down completely! Most experts agree that 20 minutes is around the perfect amount of nap time for the average person – more than 30 minutes and you run the risk of feeling more tired than you were before!

Believe it or not there are also prime times to begin napping. Between 2 and 3 is best for most people, as post-lunch your blood sugar and energy levels naturally dip – enabling you to drop off with ease.  At this time in the day, it is early enough that napping won’t prevent sleep later in the night. Ideally there should be at least three hours before waking from a nap, and settling down to sleep for the night.

Whether you’re a napper or not, our Bed store near Lytham can solve your sleep woes!

If you can get a handle on it, napping is a great skill to integrate into your day to up your productivity levels and give yourself an energy boost, but it isn’t for everyone. What we can recommend to everyone however, is our stock of Harrison in Preston. Harrison beds enable true quality sleep, and with a fantastic range of products and prices, if you require Harrison in Preston, Bold Street is the place to come!

Our show room is located in Preston, which means we are almost a bed store in Lytham. Transport links to Preston are excellent, so if you are searching for a bed store in Lytham, consider us at Bold Street – our team of experts are always on hand to help and provide tailored re­com­men­dati­ons.

So don’t delay, for improved sleep this summer, pop in to see us for a chat, or get in touch via our website links for any information on beds in Lancashire.