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Three Sleeptember Sleep Facts from Your Southport Bed Shops

Sleeptember is a month-long initiative raising awareness of the health benefits of a good ngiht's sleep. Many of us are guilty of overlooking one of the key contributing factors to leading a healthy and happy lifestyle - sleep!

We’ve compiled three key facts on how you can sleep your way to looking, acting and feeling better not just for Sleeptember, but for years to come!

Curb Caffeine, take a kip!

Instead of taking to your usual caffeine-based beverage, try taking a 20 minute nap. A short rest can give you as much energy as two cups of strong coffee! Not only that, but the effects are longer lasting too! 20 minutes is just enough time to shut down the nervous system and let you recharge your batteries. Keep your alarm to hand, however, as 30 minutes can send your body into the processes of a deep sleep, leaving you feeling much more groggy when you wake up.

Get Your 6 Hour Fix!

Researches at the University of California have found that we require at least 6 hours sleep every night for fully restorative sleep, which allows us to learn new things the next day. Light sleep caused by uncomfortable beds drains our learning capacity as the brain has not been recharged by the deep sleep phase.

Out With The Old!

A recent clinical study compared participants' sleep on new beds compared with an old bed. It was found that all participants, both old and young, experienced much higher quality sleep. Meaning their night's sleep had significantly less disturbances, resulting in more recuperative sleep. It was found that all sleepers demonstrated fewer physical movenets with half as many micro-awakenings.

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