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Thinking about a new mattress?

Currently we know that spending money on luxuries is something that many people simply cannot afford to do with the current economy. The current state of the economy has meant that businesses have gone for hard sales in order to keep themselves afloat.

When thinking about buying a new mattress the general process of having to go down to a showroom in order to try a mattress out is a daunting thought. Salesmen hungry for their commission target you the moment you walk through the door, pointing you in the direction of something that really isn’t what you’re looking for.

The pressure just all gets too much and before you know it you have purchased a bed with a mattress that just really isn’t what you really had in mind!


If this is you then what you need to do is come down to Boldstreet Beds, our salesmen are not on a commission so there is no hard selling and no pressure placed on our customers. When you leave our store, you leave with a bed and a mattress that is exactly what you were looking for.

Come down to one of our showrooms and test out the mattress on the bed just as you would sleep at home. Yes! That means lying down, stretching out, sitting up and generally trying it out as if it was your own bed at home. We don’t want you to feel embarrassed and we most definitely are not one of these bed showrooms with signs on our beds saying please do not sit or lay on the bed.

Before you do come down though we have some top tips for you to think about before you come down which our friendly salesmen at Prestige will enquire about in order to find the most suitable bed and mattress for your needs.  

Who is the bed for?

A child’s bed is often a lot smaller than a adult bed and in turn you wouldn’t want a single bed if there are going to be two people sharing it unless of course you wanted to be extremely close!

Do you want a soft or firm mattress?

Are you a person who likes to sink away into the bed or would you preferred to lay right on the surface of the bed? Maybe you would prefer something in the middle but because we have such a huge selection of mattresses knowing roughly how firm or soft you would like it can really narrow down your choices.

What do you dislike about your current mattress?

These are the factors that together we can work on improving or changing for you. What do you like about your current mattress? These are factors that Boldstreet Beds can work with in order to find a similar mattress.

Is your bed just for sleeping in?

Now this may seem like a silly question because it is the main reason for having a bed however many people now read in bed, work in bed and speak to people on social networks in bed. The more we know about your lifestyle the more suitable bed that we can find.

How big is your bedroom?

A king size bed is not going to fit into small bedroom only designed to fit a single bed in. So it is important that you properly measure the space in which the bed is going to be situated.

Are you in need of more storage space?

If you are then beds with storage build in, extra drawers, headboard storage or even an ottoman bed could well be the solution.

We care about the little details, which make purchasing a bed or mattress so much easier for you. For more information then why not visit one of our showrooms.

You can contact us regarding any questions and queries on 01254 681082 or email info@­boldstreetbeds.­co.­uk.