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The Seven-Year Hitch

The Sleep Council recently announced the launch of their ‘Seven Year Hitch’ campaign. This has been initiated with the intention of raising awareness about the quality of beds and thus, the quality of sleep. “A mattress that looks OK may not be OK: that’s the hitch” is the message the campaign intends to spread.

A recent study by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) showed that, after as little as six years, a bed could give significantly lowered levels of comfort and support. A combination of body weight and movement with the added damage caused by sweat, skin and hair means that the recommended renewal age for beds is seven years.

The studies into the effect of a good bed on the quality of sleep are extensive. In his Sleep Council commissioned ‘New Bed, Old Bed’ study, Dr Chris Idzikowski found that, on a newer bed, participants experienced an average increase of 42 minutes sleep. He stated that “research on over the counter sleep aids has never shown a better improvement than 5-10 minutes sleep”. Another study carried out by French scientists at the European Sleep Centre in 2010 showed that the quality of sleep on a new bed was greatly increased, with two times fewer ‘micro-awakenings’ and three times less physical movements versus an old bed.

Not only assisting with more recuperative and less disturbed sleep, a new bed has been found to cause a 63% improvement in reported back pain in a 2007 Oklahoma State University study. Around 80% of adults will suffer back pain at some stage in their lives and the cause can often be traced to an inadequate, unsupportive bed or mattress.

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If your bed is approaching its seventh year, then your health and happiness levels could be affected. Following the advice of the Sleep Council and expert scientists is vital. For more information and advice on any of our, please contact our dedicated team.

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