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The Big Bed Sale: Sleep Deprivation

Everyone has been there, either tired out themselves and have snapped at something minor or have been on the receiving end when someone else is tired and has snapped at them.

With the warm nights recently not helping matters, when people cannot sleep well in their bed other people soon get to know about it whether this is colleagues at work or other family members and friends at home. The combination of heat and exhaustion is one which doesn’t end well!

Believe it or not those people who couldn’t sleep due to the heat will shout at other drivers when in their cars, resort to using bad language and even rude gestures as well as actually tailgating another driver. However it doesn’t just affect those of us who drive it also affects those who commute.

A commuter who has been deprived of sleep due to the heat and being uncomfortable in bed will actually be tempted to make a rude comment to another traveller. Everyone waits for summer to come for some sunshine, some even go on holiday in search of hotter climates but fact is when we do actually get some sunshine and the hotter temperatures many of us are not prepared.

Trying to sleep in a room that is just far too hot as we all know is practically impossible. It is therefore essential that if you are to get a decent amount of sleep you readily equip yourself with the correct conditions. Before you go to bed why not open a window or a door, this will allow for some fresh air to circulate in the room and if it is too hot it could even cool it down. Keeping the blinds or curtains closed during the day can mean that the sun doesn’t shine in a room and heat it up during the day and thus when it comes to night it will be cooler than if the blinds or curtains had been open.

Adding a fan into the room can further help the circulation of air within a room which could help you to get some much needed rest on your mattress. However, another simple yet highly effective method of getting comfortable in the heat is to change the type of bedding that you use.

Heavyweight, thick and high tod bedding can make the body heat up even more and sweat. Using sheets instead of duvets and bedding made from breathable materials can help you to stay cool and be comfortable.We have a full range of mattresses available, so if it is an uncomfortable mattress which is keeping you awake then make sure you take a visit to Boldstreet Beds.

We currently have our Big Bed sale ongoing – so for some bargain beds and deals on 1000’s of products come down to your nearest showroom today. For more information contact us on 01254 681082 or email info@­boldstreetbeds.­co.­uk.