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The alarming truth: how your bad posture is really affecting you

Are you a screen junkie? Spend too much time in the office? New research suggests that this could be seriously damaging your health, causing back problems later in life, and much more!

Not only that, but having poor posture throughout the day can cause you serious problems during the night – when your muscles become cramped from maintaining one position, once you try to relax in bed, you come up against significant issues. Not only will you find it more difficult to get comfortable, but once you are asleep you are much more likely to wake and need to adjust your position.

Slumping down in your seat and leaning into your screen can cause headaches as well as pain at many sites including your arms, elbows and wrists. If this doesn’t sound unpleasant enough – this habit can also lead to a thickening and shortening of the neck muscles, causing a problem known as ‘forward head syndrome’.

Even though we may feel that we have evolved far beyond our caveman origins, the reality is that our bodies are struggling to adapt to our modern day habits.

Those who spend most of the day at a desk are affected the threefold:

  1. sitting at a desk encourages bad posture
  2. being stuck in the same position all day stagnates the body, causing a build-up of toxins
  3. lower mobility can also tighten up your hips, causing stiffness and discomfort

The good news is, we have 5 easy ways to combat the effects of slumping while you sit:

  1. Build breaks into your day. When you’re on an aeroplane, you make an effort to combat the health effects by getting up to walk every so often. You should take the same attitude at your desk – even if it’s just to the water cooler!
  2. Avoid laptop and tablet use as much as possible – if it’s necessary for you to use a computer most of the day, opt for a desk top if possible. If you have a say in your office arrangement – why not consider a walking desk!
  3. Make an effort to think about your posture. If you catch yourself leaning forward or slumping, actively correct yourself.
  4. Posture is all about core strength, so if the thought of policing your posture isn’t appealing, look at it a different way – correct posture is low level abdominal training. Pull in your abs, sit up straight, and feel the (slow) burn!
  5. Try to redress the balance – if you have to spend all day in the office, try to build some activity into your evening, a walk after dinner, or an evening yoga class – whatever appeals to you most.

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