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Stuck for Space? Pick the Right Bed!

At Boldstreet Beds we will go out of our way to help our customers get a bed or mattress which suits their lifestyle, needs and requirements. Most recently we have had the same problem reoccurring in that people are battling for space within their homes. If space is a problem then you need to make sure you pick the right bed.

Not all of us can afford big mansions with spacious rooms and thus we can be left wondering how to fit all of our “stuff” in our homes. The bedroom is supposed to be a place where you go to relax and sleep not carry out various contortions and gymnastic routines just to get into bed!

There are a range of storage beds which we currently stock which are proving extremely popular recently. As people fight for more space within their homes it would seem a storage bed is perfect for use within a bedroom. The bed will take up the same amount of room but the whole footprint of it can be used for storing anything you want!

Our storage beds offer the comfort and support of an ordinary model but with the added storage underneath the bed and maybe even pull out drawers you can tidy away all those bits and bobs and save space without the need for drawers, extra wardrobes or unsightly storage boxes on top of your wardrobes.

Unfortunately as much as we all would love a king-size bed or even a super-king in reality we need to just stop and think for a second. If the space is too small be realistic and get a double as this will make the room seem bigger rather than struggling to cram in a king-size or super-king. You need to think about the proportion of the room. We will ask about this if you visit one of our showrooms so we can identify the beds which will fit in with your lifestyle and your space!

For more information on our storage beds then please contact us on 01254 681082 or email info@­boldstreetbeds.­co.­uk.