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Strictly Come Dancing Links to Mattress Replacement!

Strictly Come Dancing which is a popular choice for many on a Saturday and Sunday night has had Rory Bremner make a rather unusual confession which ties in dancing, disturbed sleep and mattress replacement!


In confession Rory has admitted to getting up in the middle of the night and leaving his mattress behind in order to rehearse his choreographed routines. He was the third celebrity to leave Strictly Come Dancing and although he misses it he can now sleep through the night without having to worry about rehearsing his routine!

Although Rory had a lot on his mind which could explain him getting up in the middle of the night many people are in the same position without a valid reason as to why their sleep is disturbed.

Are you someone who regularly wakes up unexpectedly and then struggles to get back to sleep?

The reason you could be waking up is due to your mattress; think back to the last time you replaced it, do you even remember? Ideally you should replace it every five years but many people do not due to finances and the general hassle.

Boldstreet Beds have a number of showrooms where you will find our full range of beds and mattresses along with our experienced sales staff who are on hand to understand your lifestyle and what it is you are looking for.

When you explain the finer details including your budget Boldstreet Beds can specify a number of suitable mattresses, beds or both! It is then down to you to try them out, yes that is right!

Boldstreet Beds want you to take time to try out the mattresses and beds so that upon purchase you are one hundred and ten percent happy with your purchase!

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