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Southport Bed Shops Ways to Stop Cheating Your Kids Out of Summer Sleep

It has been well documented that achieving the recommended amount of sleep a night can help you live a healthy, long life, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to achieve.  It can be especially difficult during the Summer months, and with the long nights continuing here in Lancashire bed time can be a daunting prospect.  It can be even more difficult with children, as they would much rather spend the balmy evenings playing with friends than settling down for bedtime.  If you have been looking around Southport bed shops you will understand the importance of sleep.  This is even more important where children are concerned, as more sleep is connected to higher test scores and their happiness.  There are a few tips below to help your kids get the rest they need.


Like everyone else, children’s sleep needs vary.  Roughly speaking, toddlers require around 12-14 hours, 5-10 year olds would benefit from 10-11 hours and 9 hours being best for teenagers.  These figures can often seem unrealistic in Summer, when bedtimes get pushed back due to them being off school and enjoying playing with friends later.  Adults tend to be more sleep-conscious, knowing we need more than we get, and loving our beds! Children are less concerned with sleeping however, wishing to spend more time playing than resting!


It can be difficult to upkeep, but sticking to a bedtime routine is the best way to ensure that your kids get the rest they need.  Eating your evening meal at a certain time is a way to regulate the evening, making sure they have enough time to digest tea before bed.  Also, any exercise should be completed around two hours before bed, meaning the body begins to wind down earlier.  It might be tempting, but watching telly in bed actually stops your children drifting off, instead keeping their brain stimulated for longer.  Reading is the best thing to aid sleep, and lets you spend some quality time with your little nipper!


These tips are great ideas, but we know that getting your little ones to bed can be easier said than done.  A lack of air conditioning or light curtains can both stop your child slipping into a slumber.  Black-out blinds are a great way to aid sleep, as the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin requires a dark room to be produced.


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There are common symptoms of kids getting over tired which we will all recognise.  General crankiness, being in a mood and getting upset easily to name but a few, and we’re sure you would rather live without.  If you have been searching the bed shops Chorley wide, why not view our range of bunk beds for your next purchase?  These bring together fun with bedtime which might just win your children over to get them to bed earlier tonight!