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Southport Bed Shops Discover 5 Ways to Get to Bed Earlier Tonight

We have all heard that there are health benefits linked to getting more shuteye, but when it comes to actually hitting the hay most people struggle to get to bed earlier.  A 2009 Japanese study has found that male workers who were regularly in bed before midnight had healthier coronary arteries that those who stayed up later, so it well worth snoozing sooner tonight!   Here at your local bed store Leyland wide, we have come up with five key steps to a serene slumber.


1.       Set an Alarm

We all think about setting an alarm for getting up in the morning, but why not implement one for nighttime too?  Setting up a regular bedtime is a great way to get your body into a routine so it can start shutting off of an evening.  It is a good idea to stop using electronic devices around an hour before you hit the hay, as the artificial light keeps you stimulated, and stops you being able to drift off.


2.       Banish Work to the Office

With the ease of access to emails and 24/7 connectivity, an increasing number of us are continuing work long past office hours when we get home.  Try to leave your work at the office, and you might even find that it boosts your productivity!


3.       Exercise Earlier

Whilst it is true that those of us who exercise report better sleep than our non-exercising counterparts, your body needs time to wind down after a work out, so make sure you do this earlier in the day to get the most benefit.


4.       Get into a Routine

Getting ready for bed earlier in the evening and unwinding with relaxing activities such as a bath are all great ways to put your body in a calm state ready for bedtime.


5.       Go to Bed When You’re Tired

It sounds simple, but many people pushing themselves to stay up later to finish that film (that you sleep through the end of anyway!) can have the opposite effect in the morning, when you feel more tired than ever.


If you are looking for a new bed to put these tips to good use in and have exhausted the Southport bed shops already, we have a huge range of beds online, all with free* next day delivery!  Or why not call into our Lancashire showroom to try out your new bed in person?

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