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Sleepless Nights Cost the NHS around £50 Million

Research has shown that sleepless nights are actually costing the NHS around £50 million a year through prescriptions which patients require for sleeping pills. In the study it was recorded 15.3 million prescriptions of sleeping pills! Should we not be looking into other factors that could be affecting our sleeping patterns such as our beds or mattresses?

What is the extent of the problem with sleeping pills?

Although sleeping pills have been in the press recently and portrayed in a very negative way it would seem that people are still very keen to use them in order to have some aid to help them sleep. They are now the first port of call for some with the more general sleeping tips like getting a new mattress or new pillows being pushed aside for the drugs.

In 2012/2011 800,000 more sleeping pill prescriptions were handed out when compared with the same period in 2007/2008 and this in turn is costing the NHS £49.3 million a year which is £42 million pounds increase on the last three years.

The highest number of sleeping pills were prescribed within the North West of England whereby spending reached around £8.5 million on almost 2.5 million sleeping medication items. One of the most popular brands is Zoplicone and this was distributed to more than 5.2 million patients nationally.

Some patients really do need the sleeping pulls but doctors have warned about the long term effects for prolonged usage of them. In addition they can also lead to a psychological dependency and even lose their effect over time.

Are you taking sleeping pills?

Boldstreet Beds fully respect that there are some people who actually need sleeping pills but for others the problem could be easily solved without the need to take these. There are a whole range of hints and tips which could be tried before sleeping pills are prescribed. It could be something as simple as changing your mattress, bed or pillows!

Mattresses are advised to be changed every 7 years although if they are used a lot then you should change them around every 5 years. Sometimes because of excessive usage there could be sag and a dip in your mattress which then means you do not get adequate support required and this could mean nights spent tossing and turning instead of sleeping.

Pillows over time can sag and become extremely uncomfortable. When this occurs it can cause disturbances in your sleep but also it can cause you to wake up in pain experienced in the neck, back and shoulders because of the position and lack of support.

Before you take the trip to the doctor why not take a trip to Boldstreet Beds!

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