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Sleep well this summer

Bank Holiday Weekend saw the sunshine making an appearance but soaring temperatures which are set to hit the UK this summer are going to make it difficult for some to doze off to sleep in their beds.

Being too warm unsettles many causing them to toss and turn. Simple things such as keeping curtains and blinds shut during the day can help to keep your room cool however when was the last time that you replaced your bed and mattress?

With the heat set to unsettle many, there is no need to have the added hassle of an uncomfortable bed.  Many people are not making the vital link between poor sleep, old mattresses and non-supportive beds.

Did you know that only half of the UK population are only getting on average six hours of sleep each night?

Do you fall into this category or even more worrying are you part of the percentage of people within the UK who get less than six hours of shut eye per night?

Neck ache, back ache and aches in other parts of the body is one of the tell tale signs that your bed is no longer offering to you the adequate amount of support. Couples often awoken to find themselves together in the middle of their double bed unexpectedly are suffering from the problem of roll-together. Their bed has a dip in it and therefore needs to be replaced or they need to purchase a new mattress.

It is important to note that beds and mattresses deteriorate a massive 70% in just ten years after they have been purchased. We have a full comprehensive range of over 1000 beds and mattresses at Prestige backed by our expert knowledge from any member of our experienced sales team.

Take a look at our full range of beds whether it be a leather bed, Metal bed or a wooden bed make sure you purchase a supportive mattress to go with it and eliminate the problem of poor sleep caused by old, inadequate, unsupportive beds and mattresses – that good night’s sleep may be closer than what you think!

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