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Sleep Soundly (and Silently) with Preston Bed Shops Snoring Advice

As anyone who shares a bed with a snorer knows, snoring is a bothering bed time issue that not only impacts those around you, but can also significantly hinder your quality of sleep, leaving you tired, grumpy and groggy in the morning, even though you may believe you’ve been snoring away peacefully. Here at Bold Street Beds we stock sleep products that can aid your quest for better sleep, from adjustable beds, to specialist pillows and memory foam mattresses.

This not-so-silent epidemic is an age old ailment surrounded by plenty of speculation and old wives’ tales offering unlikely solutions (we’re talking filling your nostrils with toothpaste and swilling garlic around your tonsils…). It may be wiser to target the potential causes of snoring. Although these won’t always put an absolute stop to snoring, following a few tips can often reduce your noisy snoozing habit.

Stay Hydrated

It’s a well known fact that we should limit our alcohol intake other related sedatives in the evening, as this can leave us dehydrated. Dehydration causes (for want of better imagery) stickier, thicker nasal secretion, which is leads to the clogging of airways and a increase in snoring. Drinking a healthy amount of water will keep you nicely hydrated and will help ensure your airways are kept clear. In terms of food, limit foods with high fat or congestion causing snacks around bed time, as such feasts will hinder sleep and increase snoring.

Change of Sleeping Position

Lying on your back allows your throat to relax, increasing the risk of your tongue moving backwards. This obstructs air and leads to snoring. Try to make sure you stay on your side, as this greatly decreases your chances of snoring.

Reduce Dry Air

Dry air in your home can be detrimental to your nasal membranes and can damage your throat, leading to swelling and congestion. Invest in a de-humidifier in your bedroom will reduce the amount of dry air in the room and open your airways to reduce snoring.

Pick the Perfect Pillow                        

Did you know that your choice of pillow can have a significant impact on snoring capacity? Snoring is quite common amongst those who suffer from allergies. As such, opting for a hypo-allergenic pillow can lead to a smoother nights sleep for all involved. Preston bed shop, Bold Street offer such items and beds in Lytham and across Lancashire – simply browse our website, submit your order and we’ll get your brand new sleep products packed off to you.

It is also vital to consider the height of your pillow, with a higher pillow keeping you upright and increasing airflow, this could mean less snoring for you, and a more refreshing, and healthier nights sleep. A great way to check out which pillows are right for you is by popping in to see us in store, at our bed shop in Preston and try out our brilliant range for yourself.

At Bold Street Beds we offer a variety of hypoallergenic pillows and mattresses, a member of our friendly team will always be on hand to offer great advice on the right bedding and mattresses for you. So, if you are ready to put a fullstop to your snoring and are looking buy a new pillow or mattress, please pop by and visit our bed shop in Preston.