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Sleep like an athlete this season with tips from Bold Street – best for beds by Highgrove in Preston!

Wimbledon is all over our screens once again, and there’s nothing like witnessing sporting prowess to inspire you to improve yourself! The most solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle is getting the best quality sleep – ask any of those tennis pros! Whether you get your shut eye on a Highgrove Preston bed, or any other product from Bold Street or not, we give you the best advice for sleeping like a top athlete!

Leyland bed shops can’t offer advice like the experts at Bold Street Beds!

  • ·         Ask Andy Murray – he can’t win a tennis match on no sleep – sleep is one of the most important factors in how we feel day to day. Often we get into the habit of sleeping for less than 6 hours before work, then catching up at the weekend, but it’s not a healthy system! Sleep deprivation can impair your system in a similar way to being over the alcohol limit, just because you think you’re managing – it doesn’t mean you are! Prioritise sleep instead of leaving it at the bottom of the to-do list.
  • ·         Routine is integral, it doesn’t matter what you’re sleeping on – your friend’s sofa or the best of Highgrove in Preston – start early and finish early, and stick to this routine, and you are much more likely to find that you have the drive and determination of an athlete!
  • ·         Eating like an athlete can help to give you quality sleep like an athlete – Leyland bed shops won’t necessarily be the ones telling you, but we are! Cut down on high fat and high sugar foods, as well as caffeine, as these take longer to digest, raising body temperature and making it harder to sleep.
  • ·         Our bodies are still very much those of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Even though we live much more sedentary lifestyles nowadays, we are taking on more and more sugar and fat, which leads to over stimulated and under exercised people. It seems obvious, but being physically tired can drastically affect how easily you drop off to sleep, and how deeply you sleep throughout the night. If you are not exercising enough, this will be affecting how well you sleep, we guarantee it.


At Bold Street Beds, we care about sleep – A LOT. You could say we’re a little obsessed, and that’s why we want our customers to find the best quality beds and mattresses, and spend lots of time in them catching up on some much needed shut eye! Leyland bed shops can’t compete with our enthusiasm and knowledge about bed and sleep, so if you are looking for Highgrove in Preston, or any other brand of bed or mattress, come to the experts at Bold Street for all the tips and advice you could want from beds in Lancashire.