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Silentnight Launch The Silent Revolution

Silentnight have a new campaign known as the Silent Revolution they want people to stand up for the right to lie down! Now we know what you are thinking that this all sounds a bit crazy but the aim of the campaign is to have the UK Government abstain from collecting VAT on all beds and mattresses.

Through the campaign they have found that 75% of people are not getting a good night’s sleep and for 40% their sleep is often broken and they wake up. However sleep deprivation isn’t a laughing matter! It is serious and the effects of sleep deprivation couldn’t be more hard hitting:

  • One quarter of all collisions which occur on a motorway are caused by fatigue, people who haven’t had a decent night’s sleep.
  • New parents loose around 6 months sleep in just two years and this can put them under great amounts of stress and even lead to depression.
  • 31% of people become distracted at work and therefore cannot obtain full performance levels because they are tired.

Silentnight want to change all that because they believe that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. They want the nation as mentioned to stand up for their right to lie down!

Already they have been campaigning and last week they marched down Downing Street, chanted along Westminster Bridge and even got some sleepy eyed people to sleep on Parliament square just to demonstrate their point and to emphasise the launch of the Silent Revolution and revitalise our tired out, sleep deprived nation!

The Silentnight Manifesto reads:

We, The Silentnighters declare war on the “bad night’s sleep”
We strongly believe it is our right to reside (for a full 8 hours)
In our homeland of nod…
…without disturbances from backaches, restlessness
allergies or overheating.
Yes this is ambitious, Yes this is optimistic
But it is easy to achieve with the help of a good bed
So, From today we will liberate the snoozer,
The dozer and the lie-in(er) in every one of us
We will take up pillows and duvets, hot water bottles
And bed socks and we will sleep-
Whenever and for as long as we desire
And for this we make no apology
We are united in our mission…
…To give this great nation of ours a sound night’s sleep!

Do you want to help to make Britain bright eyed and bushy tailed once more? All you need to do is go to The Silent Revolution and sign their petition so that we can together make the change and stop the UK Government from collecting VAT on all beds and mattresses.

It’s a revolution: a silent revolution!
A sound night’s sleep for all!

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