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Shoebox Homes Blamed For Stopping Couples From Sleeping

“Shoebox homes” are being blamed for ruining the chances of a couple getting a proper night’s sleep. Believe it or not research from The Sleep Council has shown that couples would get a better night’s sleep if they were in a king-sized bed than if they were in a standard double bed.

Like we said above the “shoebox homes” are to blame and namely the builders who create them. Modern homes are cramped and do not provide enough bedroom space for a king-sized bed. The Royal Institute of British Architects claimed that the problem of space restriction in new builds are shameful and simply shoebox homes.

Generally couples would prefer to go for a king-sized bed because there is more space it means that there is less disturbance caused by their partner and thus better sleep comes as a result of this.

The simple fact is that couples simply do not have the space available in order to accommodate a king-sized bed. Way back in 1993 king-sized beds accounted for 20% of bed sales and in 2004 it reached 30%. Currently the figure is stuck at around 33% but this lack in growth is said to be because of the lack in space.

Did you know?

  • A standard double bed (135cm/4ft 6in) allocates each person with just 2ft 3in of space. This is less space than a baby in cot!

    ·         You spend a third of your life in bed. When you are 50 years old you will have been in bed for some 16 years. If you are going to spend so much time there you should get the bed of your dreams not just on you had to get because it fits.

    ·         It doesn’t cost that much extra to go from a double bed to a king-size bed.

    ·         Most other countries such as Belgium, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Finland and Sweden are top of the league with the majority of them sleeping in a roomy 160cm by 200 cm bed. However we British still purchase 135cm by 190cm beds.

    ·         On average you wiggle, toss and turn some 60 to 70 times a night and so you should try putting as much space between you and your partner so that the disturbance is minimised.

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