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Science meets Sleep - Introducing the BodyScan System

With the vast array of mattresses available, choosing exactly the right one can be a difficult matter. Each individual has differing requirements with regards to comfort and support; making sure the right kind of mattress is selected is of great importance. The traditional method of trying out different types in-store works but advances in technology now mean that the guesswork can be eliminated.

Boldstreet Beds, Lancashire’s leading bed specialist since 1959, are proud to introduce the Sleepeezee BodyScan Pressure Imaging System to our stores. Used in over 40 countries by aerospace, automotive, medical and sports industries, the system utilises sophisticated technology to discover an individual’s personal support requirements and recommends the three best beds from the Pure Collection. Both the BodyScan technology and the Sleepeezee Pure collection are exclusive in this area to Boldstreet Beds.

The first step involves entering personal details, such as height and weight, into the system. After this, the user is then required to adopt two sleeping positions for 30 seconds each while over 1600 active sensor points identify and record the unique pressure map created by the body. This map, indicating areas of the body that require lower or higher levels of support, is then used to recommend the best mattress for the individual’s body type and preferred position of sleeping. To ensure complete peace of mind when making such an important purchase, an exclusive 30-night guarantee on every bed purchased using the results of a BodyScan analysis is available.

Sleepeezee have selected only a small number of stockists for this innovative technology and Boldstreet Beds are proud to be one of these. We are the only supplier of the Pure Collection in this area; this exclusivity is ensured by only making the beds available in-store. These sumptuously comfortable beds, as with all of our products, are manufactured to the highest standard, meeting and exceeding all expectations.

Truly luxurious, the Pure collection reaches new heights of comfort and support. Coupled with the unique BodyScan technology, choosing the perfect bed has never been easier. For more information or advice, please contact a member of our dedicated team or come to our store to try out this innovative technology for yourself.

For more information on the Pure Collection click here or call us today on 01254 681082 or email info@­boldstreetbeds.­co.­uk.