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School Days Ruined by Lack of Sleep

The sleep council have found that lack of sleep among primary school children is having a devastating effect within school as they simply are not getting enough rest on their mattresses.

In total 9 out of 10 teachers, 92% have complained that some primary school children are so tired out that they are unable to pay attention in class and are causing problems such as bad behaviour and them being unruly due to them being so tired out. Teachers are blaming lack of sleep on distractions in the bedroom such as games machines like Xbox and Playstations as well as other items such as TV’s.

When it comes to bedtime 82% of teachers said that parents were not strict enough at enforcing this. The Sleep Council found out this research by carrying out a sleep awareness project in a number of schools called “Better Brains with More Sleep” and this was part of the National Bed Month (March).

The sleep awareness project highlighted to children the importance of bedtime, regular bedtime routines and how having a comfortable children’s bed and mattress can really aid them in getting to sleep.

Of the teachers who took part in the research over half, 55% agreed that the brightest children in the classroom were those who had best slept and were bright and wide awake. The most shocking statistic of the research carried out was that in total a quarter, 24% of teachers admitted to letting tired children sleep in the corner of a classroom.

Schools and in particular teachers cannot succeed at teaching children and allowing them to grown their knowledge without cooperation from home. It isn’t just academic performance that is affected by lack of sleep but 45% of those polled said lack of sleep made young children poorly.

Parents now should be taking adequate steps to ensure their child gets enough sleep in order to do well in school. If there is a routine established and distractions have been removed from the bedroom but still they are struggling to sleep then have you thought maybe they need a new bed?

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