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Say goodbye to seasonal allergies with our Sleepeezee beds for sale

If you have seasonal allergies like hay fever, the flowering spring foliage probably feels more gloomy than cheery, and you are probably already concerned about how you’re going to sleep at night and go out during the day. At Bold Street, we have a team of sleep and bed experts on hand, who are happy to help you make the right choice to ensure a dreamy and peaceful night’s rest. Our Sleepeezee beds for sale have been engineered with soothing slumber in mind – and this includes combatting allergies and asthma!

Our huge range of Bed, including our Sleepeezee beds for sale, at our Bold Street store offers something for everyone. For those of you whose allergies are starting to act up this Spring, not only do we have some excellent bed and mattress options, but we have compiled some useful tips to help you get the rest you need this season.

  • ·         For nights when your suffering is particularly difficult to cope with – try using a saline spray. It limits sneezing, clears the airways to make it easier to drop off, and takes the stress out of bed time.
  • ·         Air filters can be a really good investment to hoover up all the allergens from your sleeping space – change the filter regularly and this can soon become one of your greatest weapons against summer sniffles.
  • ·         Keep your windows closed – it can be warm in the summer months, but it’s important to recognise that with an open window you are inviting pollen and allergens into your bedroom, and that is just asking for trouble.


Fortunately – with our range of Sleepeezee beds for sale, you needn’t go to the trouble of opening a window to have a comfortable and temperate night’s sleep. With our Cool Sensations 2000, one of our top Sleepeezee beds for sale, you can enjoy a soothing and comfortable temperature all night long. The integrated hydrophilic fibres promote body temperature regulation and help to prevent a feeling of heat, moisture or cold, keeping the body at an optimum 37 degrees. Check out our Sleepeezee beds online to see which is the best Sleepeezee bed for you this Spring!

Peruse our Sleepeezee beds online to combat the Spring sniffles

Another of our wonderful Sleepeezee beds for sale that makes a great choice for allergy sufferers is the Backcare Ultimate 2000. As well as fillings that are all natural fibres such as wool and cashmere, to diminish any allergens, this particular option from our Sleepeezee beds for sale incorporates a sanitized sleep surface with anti-bacterial treatment. This revolutionary technology guards against dust mites, and helps to prevent asthma and other allergies. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone with concerns about allergies and hay fever this season.

Our Sleepeezee beds online shows the full diverse range of our Sleepeezee beds that we stock in store. Feel free to browse our site to find your perfect choice to ensure a blissful sneeze-free sleep, or alternatively pop in to our Bold Street show room and have a chat with one of our trained experts. We are always happy to help, whether to give general advice or to help you choose the perfect Sleepeezee bed for you. So whether you pick a Sleepeezee bed online, or come to see us, at our bed shop in Preston you will find the perfect summer slumber with Bold Street Beds.