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Replace Sleeping Tablets with Sleeping Tips

There are a number of people who have trouble sleeping and with this number of people come a number of suspected reasons as to why they cannot sleep.

Some may choose just to accept it and see how things go on but with the pressure of working life many people are now choosing to go down the route of taking sleeping tablets in order to get those vital hours of rest.

Did you know that there are over 16 million sleeping tablet prescriptions issued each and every single year?

Millions of people have become hooked to sleeping tablets and little do they know what harm they are actually doing to themselves. It sounds silly to think that someone would become addicted to a sleeping tablets; research has found though that all it takes is two weeks to become addicted.

Rather than just jumping in though and going to your doctors to demand sleeping tablets what you should do is follow our useful sleeping tips from Boldstreet Beds:

Firstly try and relax your mind, why not try a range of breathing exercises which you can easily find online but trying to push out the events and activities of the day is perhaps the most effective thing to do.

Secondly ensure that you have regular exercise throughout the week and this can actually improve sleep too. The key factor here though is to ensure you exercise well before it is time to settle down on your mattress. This is because when you exercise the body produces stimulants which stop the brain from relaxing.

Thirdly try and create a calm and tranquil bedroom environment; remember your bed is for sleep only. Make sure that you do not turn it into an entertainment centre with televisions, computers and stereos. A great way of doing this is to have a TV Bed where you can watch TV in bed but then when it is time for total relaxation the TV can easily be hidden away.

If bedtime is something you don’t look forward too because you never can sleep maybe the problem comes down to your bed or mattress. Boldstreet Beds have a full range of beds and mattresses just come down to one of our showrooms.

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