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Red Nose Day

Tomorrow, 18th March 2011 is official Red Nose Day, whilst staff members at Boldstreet Beds may come into work with their red noses one celebrity is taking a different approach to raise money for this ever so needed charity.

Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles will be leaving his mattress behind as he hosts a 37 hour radio show in a bid to break a current world record held by Simon Mayo.

6.30am will mark the start of the radio show; Other DJ’s at Radio 1 will still be dropping in as a guest DJ at their respective slot time. Wingman Comedy Dave will be joining Chris Moyles and together they will present what is set to be an amazing show.

Each and every hour that they manage to get through earns them a 5 minute break, this can either be taken at the time or saved up, combined with other rest periods and taken as a well earned nap on a mattress, who knows whether this will be pocket sprung, latex, open coil or even memory foam!

Boldstreet Beds would like to wish both Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave the best of look! After completing their 37 hour show maybe they would like to come down to one of our showrooms and have a lie down on one of our beds!

However, we think that they will mostly go home and have a very long sleep. If your mattress is uncomfortable and you often find yourself unable to sleep and unable to get comfortable then maybe it is time that you purchased yourself a new mattress.

Boldstreet Beds have a wide range available, for more information then visit one of our showrooms or call us on 01254 681082 or email info@­boldstreetbeds.­co.­uk .