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Purchasing your child's first bed

The transition of moving a child from their cot to their own bed can sometimes be a traumatising one. However, believe it or not avoiding it and putting it off will only make matters worse. Your children cannot stay in their cots forever!

You can make the whole process run smoothly though, purchasing a child’s first ever bed is the first step to giving them some independence. By involving them in the process of purchasing the new bed then you can help to make it an exciting and positive transition rather than one in which they need to worry and get upset about.

Sometimes the problem actually lies with the parent, the attachment that they have over the time and the transition of having a child move from a cot into a bed can sometimes feel like you then have no role at bedtime.

This most certainly is not the case, parents can still take on a role at bedtime such as reading them a story, tucking them into their new children’s bed and even giving them a bedtime snack or drink. Parents need to know when it is appropriate to take a step back though.

Your children need to know when it is bedtime, time for them to sleep and when playtime is over.  Building up a bedtime routine is the most effective way of ensuring the transition between playtime and bedtime is clear and defined.

When you are looking for a new bed with your child there is no place better than Boldstreet Beds. We have a number of showrooms and so you can simply visit the once closest to you and you will still receive the high quality service you would in any others.

We have a full range of children’s beds available and so the only hard part will be choosing one! For more information then contact us on 01254 681082 or email info@­boldstreetbeds.­co.­uk.