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Presenting summer sleep solutions with our Sealy beds for sale!


Most of us spend the majority of the winter and colder months wishing away the short days and cold nights, longer for the warmer months. Summer is finally here, and the only downside of the sublime summer months are those nights when you just can't sleep because you are overly warm. One of the first steps you can take is to invest in one of our Sealy beds for sale, but even with the perfect mattress and bed, it can be a challenge.

There are many factors that come together to affect sleep, and investing one of our Sealy beds for sale is a great idea. We have plenty of sleep and bed experts at our store on Bold Street, close to many a bed store in Lytham. To tackle the lack of sleep in summer, we have put together a guide with a number of tips for you to remember when counting sheep just doesn’t cut it.

     We have said it before, and will do again, but chief amongst your tools for sleep success is to have  a regular routine. This lulls your body into planning for sleep at the same time every night, and before long you will be falling into one of our Sealy beds for sale and drifting off effortlessly. When you create a regular schedule, your body is getting used to the same circadian rhythms each night which will give you more chance of actually getting to sleep more easily.

    Before bed, it can be effective to have a cool shower. By taking this step, you lower your core temperature, which not only cools you and makes sleep easier, but cooling your body in itself creates feelings of sleepiness. Even though it seems an unnatural step, it can be a great idea to leave your hair wet, as this can continue to cool your body even when the rest of you has dried off.

    One of the best tips is to rise early, and to avoid the heat of the day. If you have ever been on holiday to a hotter country, you will note that it is common to be up before, or as the sun is rising, before the day heats up and to take a nap at midday when it is hottest! This is definitely not part of our British routine, but if it works, it works! Investing in one of our Sealy beds for sale can do wonders for the appeal of a midday nap!

    When you’re trying to get to sleep, open a window or turn on the fan. Any kind of breeze should be more than welcomed into your room at night. A breeze will make you more relaxed and cool your warm body down, which makes it easier for you to get to sleep.

    If you are looking for a bed store in Lytham, Bold Street Beds is less than 30 minutes away – let us improve your sleep, for summer, and beyond.

A huge benefit of our Sealy beds for sale, is that there are many options to choose from in the range. A great investment for ensuring peaceful summer slumber are the Sealy beds for sale that feature temperature control. Many of our Sealy beds for sale have what is called Sealy Smart Fibres. This revolutionary innovation provides a Cool, Fresh, Dry and Hypoallergenic sleeping environment, which helps to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level when it gets hot.

Although any of our Sealy beds for sale will offer maximum levels of comfort, we strongly advise that you also take note of these tips to maximise your sleeping levels during those warm summer months. At Bold Street Beds, we are close to many city links, and people searching for a bed store in Lytham should pop in, we are very close! We supply everything you could possibly need for the perfect night’s sleep. Our fantastic range of products like our Sealy beds for sale make us the best among bed shops in Preston