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Pop Into One Of Our Bed Shops for Advice on a Good Night’s Sleep This Bed Month!

Sleep… That sacred drift off into unconsciousness that our bodies require every day. This everyday occurrence is an integral part of our health and well being, allowing our brain and body to wind down, repair, relax and rejuvenate.  If either the quality or length of our sleep is reduced, our day-to-day functions also take a huge hit and we leave ourselves susceptible to long-term health problems.

Your bed is your constant. It is the literal foundation of a good night’s sleep. Bed Month is all about raising awareness of the important role your bed plays in getting wholesome, healthy sleep. In order to fully restore and rest, you need to ensure you are supported by the right mattress for you. If not, this can result in tiredness and fatigue, leaving you feeling more sluggish and sleepy than when you first slipped into bed.

An improper mattress can have a physical impact on your stance, stoop and posture – leading to back pain, neck aches and all manner of bodily grievances. The reinforcement of a poor sleeping posture night after night can not only prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, but can lead to serious long term health complaints.

If you wake with nagging aches and pains that subside as the day goes on, this is an indication that it is time for a new bed.

With the vast variety of beds on the market, choosing the right one for you, your partner or your family can be difficult. That’s where our bed specialists come in. Across all of our bed shops in Preston, Blackburn and Burnley, we have specialist staff who will guide you through the bed buying process and ensure you pick the perfect products for your unique sleep needs. Before you pop in, why not browse through our collection of beds and mattresses online, so you know what to look out for. Or simply ask our friendly staff who will offer expert advice and guidance – from Tencel fibres and zero deflection spring system, to pocket spring or open coils. We have a collosal collection of beds for sale and can talk you through all the options available.

Try to bear in mind the following factors when browsing our bed shops:

It is critical to seek out superior support and comfort. Night after night, a mattress that is too hard or soft for you will become a bigger problem over time. Your mattress needs to be firm enough to support your back and align your spine, whilst conforming to the contours or your body and providing all over, balanced support. The right mattress will allow you to drift off into dreamland without tossing and turning, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised in the morning.

Always put quality and value first and foremost. In the wise words of The Sleep Council  - invest in your rest - the better the construction, the better the support and comfort.

Try before you buy. When trying out mattresses in our bed shops, set aside enough time to fully appreciate and consider all the aspects of each bed you test. Just ten minutes of testing can make a world of difference when it comes to what you initially thought to be the perfect sleep companion.

You should lie on each contender for at least 10-15 minutes. Move in the manner in which you would during the night time. Did you know we chop and change positions between forty and sixty times a night, on average? Your bed needs to be wide and supportive enough to cope with your sleep shuffling, particularly if you will be sharing with a partner. Consult one another about the size, space and style of mattress and try to arrive at a mutually agreeable decision. Nothing is more harmonious to a relationship then sliding into a deep sleep undisturbed.

Resist waiting until your mattress has worn down completely. Mattresses can significantly deteriorate from their bed shop condition in just a few years. Plenty of research has found that we can be robbed of an hour of sleep a night when subjected to an uncomfortable bed. This process of deterioration is gradual and largely unnoticeable – don’t get used to sleeping on something that is detrimental to your health and well-being and also bear in mind that body’s needs will also change over time. As such, it is advisable that beds and mattresses be replaced at least once every seven years.

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Put a stop ineffective sleep and those morning grumbles that follow – say yes to a new bed this National Bed Month!

If you are looking for beds for sale in Manchester, fret not, we deliver within thirty miles of our Lancashire bed showrooms, serving as far afield as Manchester, Wigan and Warrington. Plus we offer free, next day delivery on all orders over £400!