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New Mum - New Bed - New Mattress

Firstly congratulations if you are a new mum! We hope your new addition is a bouncing, healthy bundle! But research has suggested that now, after birth has never been a better time of realising the importance of getting into bed.

It is pretty obvious that with a new addition to the family in the form of a baby then there is going to be sleepless nights however; sleep deprivation can lead to serious health concerns such as obesity, depression and even heart disease.

Problems sleeping due to new mums not being able to get comfortable could mean that it is time for a new mattress or even a new bed. With new mums needing to spend the right amount of time tucked up in bed for their wellbeing and health they need to be comfortable whilst doing so in order to wake up feeling refreshed.

Buying a new bed could be the key to a good night sleep; older beds lose their support and start to sag. We have some stylish leather beds, contemporary metal beds, traditional wooden beds, Divan beds and even Ottoman beds for that extra needed storage.

Maybe as a new mum your bed is a place for relaxing whilst carrying out other important activities such as reading, writing, catching up with friends through social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

An adjustable bed may be just what you need and require, offering you easy adjustments you can go from sitting upright to lying down in a matter of seconds.

Complimenting your new bed with a new mattress whether it be pocket sprung, memory foam, coil sprung or latex could mean that those restless times spent tossing and turning trying to get cosy are soon a thing of the past.

For more information concerning our full range of mattresses and our full range of beds then call us today on 01254 691082 or email info@­boldstreetbeds.­co.­uk .