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MOT Your Bed Today!

We all MOT our cars on a yearly basis and now Boldstreet Beds want you to MOT your bed to see if it will pass. If it doesn’t then maybe it is time you thought about purchasing another.

 When taking our bed MOT test if you answer yes to any of the questions then it could benefit you to visit one of our showrooms and take a look at the fantastic beds and mattresses that we have available to our customers.

Can you remember when you purchased your bed?

If your bed is more than seven years old then it is time you got a new one along with a new mattress. Beds and mattresses which are older than this are not fully supportive and you could be putting yourself at risk as well as compromising getting a proper night’s sleep.

Did you find another bed that you maybe slept in recently to be more comfortable and maybe you managed to sleep better?

If this is the case then this could indicate that your bed no longer is fulfilling the original requirements which it did when you first bought it. This is no problem just that you need to ensure you change your bed and mattress so that it meets your new requirements.

Do you wake up feeling like you haven’t slept and with backache or other aches and pains?

This could be because of your mattress. Ideally you should aim to change your mattress every five years as they start to sag in the middle and you can experience roll together if there are two of you sleeping in say a double bed. This is what many couples experience waking up in the middle of the night to find themselves right up close against their partner in a dip in the middle of the bed. Now we know you love them and you want to be close to them but it is time to get a new, supportive bed and mattress. This could be the same if you find lumps or it looks worn out and used.

Finally the tell tale sign that you need a new bed or new mattress all depends on this final question:

Would you be embarrassed if a neighbour, family member or friend caught a glimpse of your mattress?

If you are forever hiding your mattress away and when family members, friends or neighbours come around you always ensure your bedroom door is firmly closed then it could be a sign that you need to change your bed or mattress. If your embarrassed about it and you are in denial then it is probably pretty bad. A new bed and mattress doesn’t have to break the bank though when you come to Boldstreet Beds. Come and take a look at some of the stylish and competitively priced beds as well as coming to test out our mattresses to find one which is simply perfect for you.

The hardest part then will be getting out of your new bed and mattress in order to entertain guests, family members and neighbours - They will wonder where you have disappeared too!

Find your nearest showroom today or for more information please contact us today on 01254 681082 or email info@­boldstreetbeds.­co.­uk.

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