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More Style, More Space: Transform Your Room With TV Beds

Of all the elements of bedroom interior design, the bed is indisputably the most essential point of focus. Aside from their primary purpose, beds have become the very pinacale of interior design – allowing homeowners to personalise and tie together an entire design concept through one key piece of furniture. Here at Bold Street Beds, the go to company of choice for those seeking bed shops in Lytham, we pride ourself on our excellent choice and customer service, offering a huge variety of beds across four floors of our Preston bed shop. What's more we offer free delivery for those within thirty miles of our bed showroom, catering for those requiring beds in Lancaster, Lytham or Lancashire wide.

Each bed in our collection has its own unique aesthetic, capable of accentuating or complementing your preferred colour schemes, arrangements, and accessories.

TV Beds have the unique property of benefiting both wide open spaces as well as bedrooms that are perhaps more restricted in size. Although it may initially be thought that the opulence of a TV bed could overpower smaller bedrooms, on the contrary, the functionality of these designs means it is possible to save on space whilst creating an intimate, cosy atmosphere. Space saving need not be austere: the luxurious qualities of TV beds and our low prices at Bold Street Beds is just the beginning, these beds also represent a surprising amount of practicality and space-saving qualities.

Those who are partial to a spot of telly in bed know that incorporating increasingly widescreen TVs into your bedroom interior can be a bit of pain in terms of placing TVs on bedside tables, dressers, coffee tables etc – all of which can impact the pathways and functionality of your bedroom. TV Beds provide an elegant solution to this problem, while at the same time maintaining or drastically improving the beauty and usability of your bedroom, neatly tucking away into a plush leather exterior when not in use.

Free Delivery of Beds in Garstang, Lancaster and Beyond

Our Browburn TV Bed is a hugely popular choice. Housing up to 32 inch TVs in a highly innovative and attractive leather bedstead. Features easy access compartments within the side rail for DVD player or console storage, the mechanical footend has a capacity for TV depth up to 10.5 cm. With a headboard designed intentionally to accentuate the bed's luxurious qualities, this bed – available in beautiful brown matt madras or luxurious black madras leather - is an ideal centrepiece for those looking to add a spot of luxury to their abode.

If you are looking for TV beds in Garstang, we have a huge range for sale in double, king or super king size available with free delivery to Garstang, Lancaster, Chorley and the surrounding areas so if you're after bed shops in Lytham for example, look no further than Bold Street Beds. 

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