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Mattress hints and tips

With so many mattresses currently on the market, so many brands such as Silent Night, Sleepeezee and many more it can all get a little bit confusing over which one is most suitable for you and more important is likely to make you comfortable enough to get those vital hours of sleep.

Every few years we decide that it is time to replace our mattress but with things constantly changing and new technology being introduced things may have changed since the last time you were in this position.

One thing that we would advise is to do some research prior to your search. Knowing the differences between memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, open coil mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses can help you to determine which one it is you are after and thus narrow down your search.

Those who are responsible for manufacturing mattresses are always listening out to what it is the customer wants and thus where there is a demand, by adding to their portfolios constantly it will mean that by the time you have come to purchase a new mattress there will already be many more models on the market.

Trying out your mattress is perhaps the most important thing that you can do, if it is a double bed that you are purchasing a mattress for you and a partner then it is definitely worth bringing them down with you so that it avoids later arguments when the mattress you have chosen may not be suitable for their needs.

Come down to one of our showrooms we have them in Blackburn, Preston and Burnley so just find the one that is nearest and most convenient to you. Then just feel free to test the mattresses, lie down on them how you would normally sleep and make sure the mattress you purchase is the mattress you want, not the one you bought because you were too embarrassed to test out any others!

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