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Looking for Bed Shops in Lytham? Look again at Bold Street – less than 30 minutes away!

You might not be summering at Balmoral like Her Majesty, but you can have a royal slumber this summer! Our range of Highgrove beds have the Royal Charter, and have provided beds for the Monarch. So if you have been looking for bed shops in Lytham, turn your gaze to Preston, and visit us in Bold Street to take advantage of our Highgrove collection!

Take for instance the Kensington Mattress – designed with a Bonnell open coil spring unit, featuring soft luxury fillings, and covered in a 2 way stretch fabric. With luxury like this to ensure that your spine is correctly aligned, you’re sure to spring from bed feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Sleep plays a vital role in keeping us all healthy. It allows our bodies to repair and renew themselves in preparation for the next day of the demands of modern life. Sleep activates the healing process and re-hydrates spinal discs, which are vital for avoiding those slipped discs as we age.

 Sleep also strengthens the immune system and allows the body to rejuvenate. Sleep is also very important for children and teenagers as growth hormones are only released when we sleep!

Bold street beats Lytham bed shops for quality and customer experience with our fantastic range of beds to suit everyone!

The type of support required also changes as you get older, so what was comfortable in our 20’s may not be so in our 30’s and 40’s and so on. If you haven’t updated your bed or mattress in a while, it could be time to invest in a new one. If you have been considering Lytham Bed Shops for a new acquisition, why not consider Bold Street Beds. We are based in Preston, not too far away, and our fantastic showroom is bursting with mattresses and beds of the highest quality.

Our Highgrove range at our Preston store rules over bed shops in Lytham, with its majesterial quality and unmatched advancements in sleep.Come to one of the best bed shops in Preston for all your sleep advice from our experts.