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Bold Street are experts in beds and sleep - but we want to ensure you get the best possible sleep all the time, not just when you're enjoying one of our fantastic mattresses at home. Check out our latest blog to catch up on the best tips to beat…

Presenting summer sleep solutions with our Sealy beds for sale!

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At Bold Street Beds our sleep…

Bold Street: The Majesterial choice for Bed Shops in Preston

At Bold Street we treat our customers like Royalty. For a night's sleep fit for a Monarch, why not pop down to our showroom - the best of bed shops in Preston and peruse our fantastic selection of Right Honourable mattresses and beds!
60 Years of Bold Street Beds!

60 Years of Bold Street Beds!

In 1955, Bold Street Beds was born, and opened in the historic city of Preston. In that time we have loyally served our customers, always offering the highest quality service, and the widest choice of beds, and mattresses and bedsteds.