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Justin Bieber's Bed Truths

A teenage sensation it is true that Bieber Fever has taken hold worldwide, girl fans screaming his name or wanting to get their hands on tickets to his live performances where they can scream some more.

Now worth a good few million dollars, Justin Bieber reveals that this wasn’t always the case and in his earlier days before finding fame he didn’t even have a proper bed to sleep on.

The 17 year old who was born in Canada spills the beans on his home life describing the scene before he became famous. He told everyone how his home was mouse infested, dirty and not a pleasant place to grow up in.

Most importantly Justin did not even have a proper bed whilst growing up; he slept on a coach which changed into a bed when pulled out.

Not to worry Justin or anyone else who is looking to buy a bed or mattress because Boldstreet Beds have an outstanding range on offer.

We are sure that Justin can now afford a decent bed with the money that is in his account but even so we are certain that our competitive prices will impress both him and you, our customers even more.

As we know that Justin will be busy preparing for shows, rehearsing his vocals and of course spending all that time carefully styling his hair so that it looks perfect from every single angle we picked two of our favourites beds which both Justin and our customers will love.

The Bowburn TV Bed from Kaydian, this is a high tech bed which features a mechanised foot end where you can place a TV up to 32inches in size as well as storage for a DVD player so that watching TV in bed is made that little bit easier. TV beds are fast becoming a popular trend, with more and more people carrying out various activities from their bed such as watching TV now you can too! In brown or black leather this really is a stunning bed which will make you feel like a star!

The Pocket Gold Sophia bed from Sealy features micro quilted pillow top mattress with knitted fabric. This is a Unicase design which has been developed and patented it protects the pocket springs within the mattress as well as helping to stop the mattress from sagging. A stylish bed which has drawers underneath for storage – you can store all your snippets of fame away here no matter how big or small they may be!

Boldstreet Beds have a wide range available, for more information then visit one of our showrooms or call us on 01254 681082 or email info@­boldstreetbeds.­co.­uk