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Improve your sleep with our tips for combatting jet lag!

Summer is the time for jet setting and world traveling, but the quickest way to spoil a luxurious foreign getaway is to suffer jet lag – or what the experts refer to as disrupted circadian rhythms. Lying awake at night, feeling drowsy while you’re supposed to be relaxed and enjoying yourself, nothing short circuits your daily routine like Jet Lag. As champions of deep and restful sleep, with a huge choice of beds and mattresses including the fantastic Relyon mattresses, we have collected the best tips for fighting jet lag and getting into the rhythm of your holiday!

To sleep or not to sleep – lots of people swear by getting some shut eye on the plane, but expert opinions actually differ a lot on whether this is beneficial. The general consensus is that if it is daytime in your destination, then don’t sleep. This only puts you further out of sync with the local time, and can make your jet lag worse.

If you’re flying east, one of the best things you can do is prepare your body a few days or weeks beforehand. Gradually adjusting your bed time to be earlier and earlier each night can help to prepare your body for the change in time zones. Of course this is made easier with the best mattress you can buy, for example one of our Relyon mattresses! Conversely, if you are flying west, start going to bed a little later to help your body gradually adjust.

Choose your seat wisely – Of course this one is much more about personal preference, but the experts say that the window seat is the best choice for most people when flying. Not only do you never have to leave your seat to let others past you, but the window itself provides an ideal resting spot for a pillow to help you to rest while you fly. If you are trying to sleep, try and put any movies or hand held electronic devices to the side an hour or so before you want to sleep – the blue light that they emit can interfere with the quality of your sleep.

Avoid Alcohol – Some people swear by a drop of booze to get to sleep when traveling, but during flight it really is best to stay clear. At a high altitude, alcohol dehydrates you more, and destroys any hope of good quality sleep. Equally, it is important to limit your caffeine intake – some experts recommend none at all on the day of your flight, as it can stay in your system for hours and disrupt your sleep. This is also good advice for getting good sleep at home, as is checking out our range of Silent Night beds for sale!

Adjust your watch – By acclimatising to local time before you get there, you get a better feel for how long you have until bed time, and how you should structure your day.

Hydrate – Drinking too much is a bad idea, as it means you will be disrupted by leaving your seat to go to the loo often. Strike a good balance, and maintain your optimum hydration by drinking little and often.

Exercise – Being cramped in your seat tires your muscles and limbs, so it’s important to stretch frequently – no need to do gymnastics down the aisle, a little walk up and down every now and then is perfectly adequate! Sitting, or sleeping while sat, is not a good idea for prolonged periods. The body needs space to rest properly, which is why our spacious and comfortable Relyon mattresses are such a great choice for your home.

The top tools for reducing your chances of jet lag during the flight are: an eye mask, neck pillow, ear plugs, comfy clothes – or even pyjamas depending on your flight time – and a blanket to make sure you don’t get cold.



How do you prepare for a long haul flight? Share your tips with us!

For any advice on getting better sleep, or to invest in a new bed or mattress, call in and visit us at Bold Street Beds for Silent Night beds for sale and more, or to have a chat with our experts, the best amongst bed shops in Preston!