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How To Get a Great Nights Sleep For Those Looking for Chorley Bed Shops

It can be difficult to drift off during the muggy Summer nights – even with rain and showers, high pressures can increase temperatures and leave you tossing and turning in an uncomfortable sleeping environment. If you are struggling to drift off and are tired of trundling round bed shops in Chorley looking for the right advice and sleep products, we’ve outlined some top tips to help you optimise your bedroom for the ultimate night’s kip that any bed store in Lytham for example couldn't offer!

Cut out clutter

Not only is clearing out clutter great for organising, it also leaves us feeling more able to relax and helps put our mind at rest – ultimately aiding sleep. On top of tackling clutter, your room should be regularly vacuumed and dusted, this is particularly beneficial to those suffering from allergies and asthma, but also generally helps to create a hygienic and cleansed sleeping area. You may consider buying plants to help improve air quality.

Put down your gadgets

A study at a New York research centre in 2012 found that exposure to any type of gadget with a backlit screen (think smartphones, monitors, laptops, TVs), even 2 hours before bedtime, suppressed essential melatonin production by 22%. Melatonin reduction will have a huge negative impact on the quality of your sleep. So try to have a pre-bed time routine, that gradually cuts out gadgets – maybe read a book, or partake in a hobby, or prepare for the morning. Keep an eye on teenagers as well as they are particularly susceptible to this effect on melatonin production. 

Your bed

A comfortable bed is absolutely vital to achieving a good night’s sleep. Different people need different products, and one person’s dream bed could be another’s nightmare. But once you find the right mattress in your bed shop nr Chorley, you could put a stop to morning tiredness and sleep forever by dramatically improving the quality of nightly sleep you can achieve. Without the proper support for your spine, sleep posture, weight and height, an ill-fitting mattress can reinforce an unhealthy, uncomfortable sleeping postures and negate all your hard work at preparing for a good night’s sleep. If you sleep better at a friend’s house, in a hotel or anywhere else that isn’t your bedrooms, you may need to be on the hunt for a new bed. The staff at our Preston bed shop are experts in listening to your needs, experiences and preferences, and will suggest the perfect beds and mattresses specifically for you, leaving you plenty of time to try them out for yourself so you can make the right decision.


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