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How our Sleepeezee beds for sale can boost your quality sleep this spring

National bed month is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in all the latest tips on improving your sleep, and how to get your perfect bed match. The chief complaint that people say impacts negatively on their night’s sleep is ‘partner disturbance’. There is nothing worse than being woken by your loved one in the wee hours, and then struggling to nod off!

An innovative and effective solution to this can be found with our Sleepeezee beds for sale. All of our Sleepeezee beds for sale are designed with pocket springs. This technology is made from individual coils which are packed tightly together, and each individual spring responds to the pressure of your body.

At Bold Street, we are one of the premier bed shops in Preston and the Lytham area, and are dedicated to finding the most comfortable bed for all your cosy sleep needs.

Spring has most definitely sprung, and what better way to prepare for losing that precious hour of sleep to British Summer Time, than by investing in one of our Sleepeezee pocketsprung mattresses.  We have a wide range from standalone mattresses to Divan sets, and we provide a selection from 800 to 2000 springs. As one of the expert bed shops in Lancashire, our staff our trained in the latest bed innovations and technologies, and our Sleepeezee beds for sale are top of the line.

The Sleepeezee beds for sale from us provide a perfect balance of contouring to your body in any sleep position, together with a natural spine support. Because of the nature of the individual coils in the design, the Sleepeezee beds are able to absorb the movement of your partner, to minimise the impact on your sleep. This ensures a peaceful night’s sleep, free from partner disturbance.

A Sleepeezee bed for sale from us is an investment for your sleep for many springs to come. Spring has sprung – treat yourself to a pocket spring Sleepeezee bed at Bold Street!