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How Important is Sleep?

It is a question that many have asked at least once in their lifetime. We all know how badly it affects us when we have had lack of sleep but really how important is it to us?

Experts within the various health professions have warned about missing out on too much sleep, it is an essential part of our lives and a natural one. The problem comes because people do not realise how important it really is and how much sleep contributes to their ability to be able to function during the day.

Sleeping is not something that we have option in doing, it is something that we need and something that if our body does not get then it affects us greatly. When we sleep our body rests, rejuvenates and is known to produce certain hormones. Without it our day to day functioning is disturbed and if lack of sleep is prolonged then a person would not survive.

An internal biological clock regulates when you sleep, it is this that makes you feel tired but it also responds to daylight which is why we are more active during the day than at night. You will have heard people talk about their body clock!

The average person will sleep less than what is required each night, we then end up developing a stack up of lack of sleep and when this becomes too great we often feel sleepy, moody, over sensitive and can even cause unexpected sleep which could prove to be dangerous.

Everyone seems to think that on average you should have around 8 hours of sleep per night. However this isn’t the case as it is dependent on age groups, gender and your lifestyle. Every individual person is different some may need 9 hours whilst some only need 7. A doctor cannot pinpoint the exact number of hours you need, you can work it out yourself through your body and day to day functioning. You know when you are tired and when you need more sleep, do not starve your body of being allowed the right to rest. Get to bed and get some sleep!

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