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Get the sleep you deserve this summer with a Sealy Mattress from Bold Street

We’re marching ever closer to summer, and although this can be wonderful and enjoyable in most aspects, the warmer months can bring their own challenges to sleep along the way. Despite craving longer days and warmer temperatures, the things that we love most about summer can actually impact our sleep in a few different ways, but with our Sealy beds online, we can help you combat the worst of the summer woes.

One problem that affects many people, is the lengthening days. Not only can this mean that you are woken earlier in the morning, but it can also adversely affect your body clock, meaning you inadvertently stay up later. With a Sealy mattress waiting for you, nothing is more likely to have you counting down the minutes until bedtime, however!

With summer light, comes summer heat, and nothing affects your ability to sleep at night more than a high temperature.  Fortunately, many of our Sealy beds online are fitted with a Sealy mattress that is designed to keep you cool and better rested for those potentially sleepless summer months.

It’s a thought to make your skin crawl, but unfortunately with higher temperatures comes an increased likelihood of bed bugs. These little critters are guaranteed to ruin your sleep experience, but fortunately many of our Sealy beds online feature a bug shield to reduce the chances these mini monsters have of seeking out your Sealy mattress.

With our Sealy beds online it’s goodbye summer restlessness, hello restful, undisturbed sleep

At Bold Street, we are proud to feature a wide selection of Sealy beds online and in store. If you are looking for Lancaster bed shops, consider visiting us in our Preston show room – we are very close by, and offer quality assurance at a price that’s right for you.

One Sealy mattress we stock – the Celeste mattress – is engineered to provide you with a comforting and supportive sleep environment, with weight responsive springs. This Sealy mattress has Bug Shield technology, which not only eliminates those pesky summer bed bugs but is also endorsed by Allergy UK for its effectiveness at reducing dust mites.

Sealy smart fibres can be found in many of our Sealy beds online, which ensure that you stay cool, fresh and dry when temperatures rise with the summer heat. Our Pearl luxury divan set features a pillow top comfort layer and supports and aligns your spine to cushion you on your way to restful sleep.

The Sealy Lara mattress, as an additional feature to those mentioned, is also a non-turn Sealy mattress, so not only will you have the sleep of your life, but you won’t ruin your summer holiday with a sore back from turning your mattress!

If you are looking to buy a bed from Lancaster bed shops, or bed shops in Blackpool, remember that Preston just 40 minutes away, and be sure to pay us a visit at Bold Street beds, or check out our Sealy beds online for your convenience!  We are always happy to help, whether to give general advice or to help you choose the perfect Sealy mattress for you.