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Fall Asleep Better This Autumn With Our Top Tips, Our Sealy Beds Online & More!

The scorching summer of 2014 now unfortunately seems like a mere distant memory, especially when you take a look outside and see nothing but wind and rain. Although this means no more BBQ’s or late nights in the garden (for this year anyway), getting a good night’s sleep can be easier due to numerous reasons. Admittedly the change in seasons can help, we believe that purchasing our products such as our Sealy beds online & in store, or even a new Sealy mattress can help as well as following the best autumn sleeping tips and tricks.

The differences between autumn and summer are pretty obvious. The outside temperatures are cooler, the humidity levels are lower and the nights draw in earlier. All of these factors  can help you sleep better, but just what do you need to do to make the most of your autumn sleep? Try the following:

  • Make the most of the earlier, darker evenings. Now that the evenings draw in earlier, you haven’t the excuse of late sunshine to sleep later. Go to bed earlier, you’ll notice the difference!
  • The sudden change in temperature can be a shock to the system. Don’t be afraid to swap your thinner summer sheets for thicker winter sheets. As long as you’re comfy, that’s all that matters.
  • Enjoy a nice drink before you sleep. The air in autumn is drier than summer air, meaning you are more likely to wake up with sore throats. Drinking regularly every night will hydrate your throat and reduce the chances of discomfort the following morning.

As well as these tips and tricks, another problem that can commonly arise all year round is bodily pain and discomfort when you wake up. This can be a result of an old mattress that is well past its sell by date. If you’re experiencing this, we can help. Our range of fantastic of the best beds including sensational Sealy beds online & in store can improve the quality of sleep for anyone in need, so what Sealy beds for sale do we have to offer?

We Will Find You The Best In Our Range Of Sensational Sealy Beds For Sale!

Understandably, it can be pretty tough choosing from our creditable collection of Sealy beds for sale. All of our Sealy beds online and in store are manufactured with you in mind, so it’s obvious that you want to make the best choice for you. Thankfully, we at Bold Street Beds, one of Lancashire’s leading suppliers of Sealy beds for sale stock & supply a wide range of fantastic Sealy beds online and in store that will impress even the sternest of sleepers, such as the 2400 Pocket Platinum Lambardo Divan. If you’re looking for a unique sleeping experience from a top quality bed, then this may be for you. As previously stated, waking up with bodily pain is extremely annoying. These problems are eliminated with this bed thanks to this products ability to offer fantastic spine support for your spines natural shape. On top of this, another way of comfort and pressure relief comes from the Innergetic Latex which also offers fantastic levels of support for you. As well as this, we have many more Sealy beds for sale for you, you really can’t go wrong with a Sealy mattress!

Regardless of where you order our Sealy beds for sale, either in store or online, you can expect the best deal around. As well as this, we offer free delivery when you purchase any product such as a Sealy mattress or one of our Sealy beds online if your delivery location is within a 30 mile radius of our store. Also, orders above £400 qualify for free delivery all across the UK. If your order is below £400, we will still deliver across the UK at a small charge of £30.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your autumn sleeping by following our terrific tips and by treating yourself to any Sealy mattress or any of our Sealy beds online or in store. We do, after all, have one of the best collections of Sealy beds for sale across Lancashire! Also, are you aware of our amazing autumn sale? We're offering up to 50% off all products in store, meaning there really is no better time to treat yourself to a brand new bed!