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Exercise Your Way to a Good Night’s Sleep: Advice from Bed Shops in Lancaster

We know you are bombarded with reasons to exercise all the time – not only are there obvious health effects such as improving the health of your heart and blood pressure, reducing stress, improving your over all mood… All of these can help you look fitter, happier and healthier. But nothing can impact your appearance, mood and lifestyle as well as a good night’s sleep. And this is something exercise can help you achieve.

 Regular exercise, combined with supportive and comfortable beds, mattresses and pillow from your local Lancaster bed shops, make the ultimate dream team when it comes to drifting off into a satisfactory and restorative night’s sleep. Sometimes when we feel sleepy and sluggish, this can be caused by not being as active throughout the day as we need to be. This can be exacerbated by the wrong type of support from our beds and mattresses, leaving us doubly tired and groggy the next day.

 In an American study, adults struggling to fall or stay asleep were placed into three random groups: those who did two 20min exercise sessions four times a week; those who did a 30-40min workout four times a week; and a control group who did no exercise at all.

 After four months, both exercise groups reported equally improved sleep quality, plus feeling that they had more vitality, as well as feeling less depressed and sleepy during the day time. Exercise can help you fall into a better quality sleep, whilst lowering body temperature which also provides the perfect basis for a quality kip.

 Although sleep has been proven in various studies to improve sleep patterns, you should be careful not to overdo it. Completely wearing yourself out during the day is will not actually make you sleepier at night time, in fact, quite the opposite. Over-exertion can make you feel more awake and alert when it finally comes to getting some rest.

Garstang Bed Shops

So whether you already lead an active lifestyle or are ready to steer your life into a healthier and happier direction, you will want the perfect bedroom as a backdrop to settle down into a satisfying snooze. Our sleep experts at Bold Street Beds in Preston will select the beds products to fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Our bed shops nr Garstang offer free delivery of mattresses and beds in Lancashire*. So if you are looking for beds shops Garstang wide or beds in Lancaster, Bold Street Beds are superbly situated to cater to the sleep needs of the North West! Whether you are opting for a super supportive mattress to ease aches and pains, replacing old saggy mattresses or selecting a luxurious divan to sink into after your sleep-supporting workout!

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