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Ensure Bed Protection On Our Silentnight Beds For Sale With Protect A Bed!

At Bold Street Beds, the number one suppliers of Sealy beds for sale and Silentnight beds for sale in Lancashire, we aim to please with every little thing we do for our customers from offering a pleasant welcome as you step foot into our Preston bed shop to selling you one of our many beds from big name brands such as Silentnight beds for sale and more. As well as this, we aim to offer you peace of mind with every purchase you make at Bold Street Beds. That’s why we’re exceedingly proud and happy to sell you the best products from Protect A Bed. Protect-A-Bed manufacture the world’s number one mattress protector which is capable of protecting you against a number of potential harms and risks as you sleep. They currently sell their innovative product across 30 countries globally so when you purchase a mattress protector for any of our Silentnight beds for sale in Lancashire and more, you know you’re benefitting from maximum sleeping protection.


Regardless of what you suffer from, whether it be bed bugs, allergies or a specific kind of health problem, Protect A Bed are sure to help with their impressive range of mattress protectors. Regardless of your choice of protective product, Protect A Bed are so sure of their protective capabilities, each product comes with a guarantee. The basic mattress protectors will provide a 5 year guarantee not only on the product but also your mattress of choice from any brand including Silentnight beds for sale, Sealy beds for sale and more. All other mattress protectors provide a 10 year guarantee as well on the protector and the mattress.

Use Protect A Bed On Our Sealy Beds For Sale!

If you’ve recently purchased one of products like our Sealy beds for sale and you’re looking for that added protection, look no further than Protect A Bed. Protect-A-Bed protectors have revolutionised the market for protecting your mattress and as a result, are the number one company for mattress protectors worldwide. All Protect A Bed mattress protectors have been scientifically tested in terms of bed bug and allergy protected. The successful results mean that Protect A Bed products are now positively patented. At the go-to company for Silentnight Beds For Sale in Lancashire, we are proud to sell a range of fantastic Protect A Bed products for any kind of beds and mattress alike including Sealy beds for sale and more.


To see for yourself the power of Protect A Bed, come and visit us in store where our friendly team will happily talk you through any of our Protect A Bed products. We even have an in store test in the form of a jar that is made out of the same material as Protect A Bed protectors. We pour a purple liquid over the material and allow you to see through the fabric and smell the purple liquid. This allows you to recognise the its breathability and the waterproofing features of the Protect A Bed mattress protectors. As well as the mattress protectors, we also supply Protect A Bed cuddly bed bug toys for your children and when you tweet @­ProtectABed_­EUR with a picture of a cuddly bed bug alongside the hashtag don’t bite me, you will be in with the chance of winning a free pillow protector as the account selects 5 pictures a month to win!

For more information regarding our fantastic Protect A Bed products or if you’re interested in our collection of our Sealy beds for sale and Silentnight beds for sale in Lancashire, please don’t hesitate to visit our Preston bed shop today.