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Don’t Miss Our August Promotion On Tempur Beds For Sale!

It seems that August is an exciting month for most people. With it being the last full month of summer, people up and down the country are taking advantage and jetting off for last minute summer holidays. If you’re choosing to stay at home throughout August, we have some equally exciting goings on. Major bed and mattress manufacturer Tempur are putting on a nationwide promotion covering a huge number of Tempur beds for sale and we at Bold Street Beds are more than happy to be a part of this massive promotion. The promotion, which is only available through our Bold Street Bed store, features a number of top quality Tempur beds for sale, mattresses and pillows. We at Bold Street have also thrown in a number of goodies for you to take advantage of, so you know that out of any Tempur beds for sale, you are always receiving fantastic value for money as well as a little bit more on the side.

As well as supplying a range of sensational Tempur mattresses for sale, we also supply the comfiest Tempur beds for sale. If you’re looking for comfort at a more than affordable price, look no more than the sensational Tempur Ardennes Divan. Out of all the Tempur beds for sale, this has to be one of our best sellers. One fantastic thing about this is the high levels of versatility that come with this bed. By versatility, we mean that you are able to choose from a creditable 3 headboard designs and 5 upholstery colours for this bed, meaning it can look great in any bedroom.  With this Tempur bed, storage is important. That’s why you are able to choose from two different kinds of storage which are either drawers or an ottoman design, both of which are capable of an impressive amount of storage. For more information regarding our Tempur beds for sale, please don’t hesitate check out our Tempur beds for sale either online or in store.

Browse Our Fantastic Range Of Tempur Mattresses For Sale

With our extensive range of fantastic Tempur beds for sale and Tempur mattresses online, we can guarantee that we have the perfect Tempur product for you. Let’s start off with our Tempur mattresses for sale. Here at Bold Street Beds, we supply the best Tempur mattresses for sale around and you can find our fantastic Tempur mattresses online and in store. Take the wonderful Tempur Sensation 21 Mattress for instance. From our range of Tempur mattresses for sale, this is the mattress that features a combination of traditional and newly adaptations that ensure the highest quality of sleep for you. To achieve comfort, a traditional spring mattress which offers easy movement and sensation is combined with the innovative and exciting Tempur mattress material that allows the Tempur mattress to bounce and move correctly according to your body. This unique material can only be found in Tempur mattresses for sale. When you purchase any of our Tempur mattresses for sale, we at Bold Street will happily throw in a Tempur pillow completely free of charge. When you buy from Tempur mattresses for sale PLUS any of our Tempur beds for sale, we will throw in TWO luxurious Tempur pillows which are worth up to £95 each.

If this wasn’t good enough, we will also throw in a FREE Tempur accessory with any Tempur purchase. To take advantage of this tremendous Tempur promotion, come and visit us in store and check out our fantastic Tempur beds for sale whilst keeping on the look out for a Tempur bed sale which could be arising in the near future. We are more than confident that we will have the perfect Tempur product for you from our Tempur beds and Tempur mattresses for sale. View our full collection of Tempur mattresses online and in store today.