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Don't Fall Out of Bed Just Get the Right One!

The importance of selecting the correct bed has been highlighted this week as research has found that the number of incidents and accidents that arise from people falling out of their beds has increased.

Statistics were gathered from the NHS Information Centre, they revealed that between March 2010 and February 2011 a total of 20,800 people visited the accident and emergency departments as a result of incidents relating to their beds.

Further research has found that people actually choose the wrong bed for themselves; this is often because they do not take the time to try out their beds properly within various showrooms. We encourage our customers to come down to our showrooms and try out the beds without feeling embarrassed.

The majority of people actually believe that they have made the right decision after they have purchased a new bed. Boldstreet Beds actually take the time to ask you about your lifestyle in order to try and understand which beds would be most suited to your needs.

It is important that you also select the right mattress otherwise you could end up with disturbed sleep due to being uncomfortable. We have a full range of mattresses available at Boldstreet Beds,

Don’t fall out of your bed! Get the right one at the right price today!

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